5 Reasons Why I Love the Cowhide Aesthetic

5 Reasons Why I Love the Cowhide Aesthetic

I am a huge fan of the cowhide aesthetic. It all started when I stumbled upon the cutest foot stool at The Old Lucketts antique shop in Lucketts, Virginia also known as antiquing heaven. I had just come back from Sedona, Arizona and was still riding the all-natural outdoor vibes wave and this little footstool just brought back a wave of memories from that trip. I have this weird shopping ability to pick out one thing in a store that I just couldn’t imagine living without and taking it home, and once I laid my eyes on this foot stool I found myself unable to part ways with it. Also, this baby was on sale due to a little wear and tear (which I think gives it even more character). And who can say no to a sale?

I’ve moved this foot stool from the living room to the bedroom and back to the living room depending on the day. I just really needed to add the cowhide aesthetic into the bedroom. Which led me to buy… ….Cowhide print pillows!

My Margarida Cowhide Print pillows from Wayfair are everything. They give the perfect amount of pop to our neutral-colored bedroom. Layered on top of the white bedding and tan headboard these pillows are definitely the focal point in our bedroom.

If you’re considering incorporating the cowhide aesthetic to your home decor, let me steer point you in the right direction 😏

Cowhide Aesthetic Adds Texture to a Room

The biggest struggle I’ve had with decorating my apartment is making a room feel actually finished. Somehow this cowhide stool really just tied together the entire living room. When I first started decorating I read about the 60-30-10 rule, which is essentially picking the color palette for your decor and sticking to those ratios. 60% is your primary color, 30% is the secondary color, and 10% is the area where you can have some fun and add some color pop to your space. For me personally, my 60% is white/ tan, 30% gold/brown, and 10% mostly pink (sorry Haiden). So long story short, the brown and white of the cowhide add a bit more texture to our space. And juxtaposed to the white walls and tan furniture, it just really catches your eye.

Cowhide Aesthetic is Extremely Adaptable

No matter what your 60-30-10 palette looks like, I’m 100% sure a cowhide addition of some sort could fit in somewhere. Although, some weirdos people don’t have a taste for it. With that I say, acquire some taste! The cowhide aesthetic being able to fit in any space also ties in with my next reason, which is…

Cowhide is Very Versatile

I can’t quite put my finger on when the cowhide aesthetic hit the big time, but it’s everywhere. This pattern’s most popular seller is probably the cowhide rug, but you can get this pattern as literally anything. Someone out there probably has cowhide curtains. Let’s hope not, but I’m just sayin’ it’s definitely out there! Growing up in the country across from cow pastures kind of made the cow aesthetic pretty normal for me, but recently I’ve started seeing designers from all over putting cowhide rugs under their coffee tables and now here we are. Cowhide aesthetic is for everyone!

Cowhide is Pretty Affordable

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a cowhide rug. Like I said, it’s everywhere and there are a ton of places that offer vegan versions and not actual animal hide. While you could spend over $500 on an authentic rug, you don’t have to. I just Googled cowhide rug and found a myriad of options. Even Home Depot is selling these babies. Are you ready for the last but the BEST reason to incorporate this pattern into your home?

Cowhide is Durable AF

If you live with an animal whether it is a dog or human, you know that scratches, wear, and *shudders* tear happen. Maybe more often than we’d like them to. BUT even if a little W&T happens to your precious cowhide – it still fits the “rugged” look. And maybe – just maybe – if you’re lucky, you may even find a cute little cowhide foot stool on sale at an antique shop in Loudoun County.