Hi! I’m Sophia

I’m a D.C. based marketing professional human who wears many hats, and I created this website to document my passions and journal my never-ending stream of consciousness. Sorry in advance.

I always dreamed of creating my own website, but never seemed to know where to start or even what to write about. Well, I started with purchasing a domain and now my wallet is holding me accountable. I have always enjoyed cooking, dining out at new and old restaurants, traveling, and consuming copious amounts of trashy reality TV. It never crossed my mind to document our journal about these things, but hey – this seems to be the modern-day diary and I don’t want to forget all the small things I’ve done in my life. Hopefully one day I’ll sit my kids on my lap and read my blog to them. Kidding.

My goal is to use this website as a way to keep myself accountable and follow through on this passion project of sorts.

Thanks for stoppin’ by!